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Tools for taking finance to the cloud

There are some great tools for moving financial operations into the cloud -- but some fail to provide end-to-end support for common workflows.

Cloud Utilities for Finance aims to provide tools to fill the gaps. 

Introducing CheckPrint

The Problem

QuickBooks and other cloud financial accounting software generate checks that expect you to have pre-printed check stock with your account number, check number, and business information. If you manage multiple accounts, this means ordering and maintaining check stock for each account.

But if you don't have the physical, pre-printed check stock for an account, QuickBooks doesn't provide support for generating a check.

That's where we come in, with CheckPrint.

Obviously, checks won't be around forever. But they still come in handy sometimes. Our solution: CheckPrint

You can use CheckPrint to generate a check from scratch (entering all the fields manually) or from an uploaded PDF of a QuickBooks check. Choose from your saved accounts and a full check will be generated, ready for printing on blank L1 check stock. No more re-ordering checks for each account you manage.

Original Image Original from QuickBooks
Modified Image CheckPrint

Great for companies that use a lot of checks! 

  • Blank check stock is significantly less expensive per sheet than pre-printed check stock.
  • Blank check stock is much faster to get than ordering pre-printed check stock.
  • CheckPrint lets you switch accounts quickly and easily.

Great for companies that use very few checks! 

  • Why order and maintain custom check stock if it's something your company doesn't use very often?
  • Instantly generate a check for those situations where they're still necessary: termination checks, last-minute on-site vendor payments, etc.
  • Unfortunately, checks are still the only accepted payment method for many vendors.